COVID-19 Preparedness at AbilisHealth

At AbilisHealth, we are prepared to take care of those in need.  The spread of an infectious disease such as the COVID-19 virus does not change that fact.  Our team proactively works to ensure that we are prepared, regardless of the circumstance.

As the threat of COVID-19 increases, so do our efforts.  Below are a few of the additional steps that we are taking to keep our employees, patients, and communities safe:

  • Additional screening measures have been adopted for all employees and all patients to identify possible exposure to COVID-19.
  • We have implemented remote case conferences to limit group interaction of our clinicians.
  • We are limiting entry into our offices.
  • A cross-functional (SWAT) team has been developed to assess the needs of our employees and patients.
  • We have established precautionary measures to treat patients with suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19.


As the threat of COVID-19 evolves, we will remain in close communication with medical professionals, governmental agencies and our internal SWAT team to ensure that we remain able to care for those in our communities who are in need.

For daily COVID-19 updates, make sure to follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages which we will be updating frequently. Continue also to monitor trusted health sources like those listed below.

Additional Resources for COVID-19 information

For the most up-to-date information, review the COVID-19 releases on the following websites: