5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Home Health

These are strange times we’re living in. With some of the healthcare industry slowing its pace due to COVID-19, many clinicians across the U.S. are facing layoffs and furloughs. Across Tennessee, many individuals working for companies deemed non-essential are out of work, some temporarily, and some without promise of re-employment.  Here at AbilisHealth, our work has been deemed essential, and we are open. We’re also hiring, but we know that home health is an unfamiliar industry to many, even to some in healthcare.  So today we’re sharing five reasons to consider a career in home health. If you’ve ever desired to provide one-on-one care in an environment where a patient feels most comfortable, keep reading. This might just be the perfect career path for you. 

1) You’ll have a flexible schedule.

Right now, you’re probably not doing much outside of the home. But after COVID-19, you’ll enjoy the flexibility that home health provides. Do you need to go to the doctor? Pick the kids up from school? Study for an exam? Many home health positions allow you to choose the hours that work best for you and your patients, meaning that your work hours don’t need to follow a rigid or set schedule.  Parents, part-time job-seekers, and students alike can benefit from the flexibility that home health provides. 

2) You’ll provide care where your patients feel most comfortable.

Providing care in a place where patients feel comfortable is one of the greatest benefits of working in home health. Often patients are able to sleep in their own bed, use their own bathroom, and continue many of their everyday routines. They’re able to stay close to friends, family, and pets.  Home health providers report great satisfaction knowing that their patients are happy and at ease receiving care in a familiar place.

3) You’ll have some of the best job security in the nation.

Healthcare in general accounts for about 18% of the country’s GDP. And as our population continues to age, the demand for home health professionals will only continue to rise. From 2008 to 2018, the home care workforce more than doubled in size and, according to a 2020 Business Insider report, the home healthcare market is projected to grow about 7% annually from 2018 to 2026; this projected growth will outpace other markets in the healthcare space including hospital care and physician services.  Job openings in home health care are growing rapidly to keep up with this growth. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides job outlook statistics for jobs across the nation.  (“Job outlook” is the projected annual growth of a particular job.) From 2018 to 2026, BLS predicts the following annual growth in employment in healthcare:

(For reference, the national job outlook is 5%.) Home health is not going anywhere. Choosing a career in home health means choosing a career where your services will be in high-demand, giving you more control over your future.

4) You’ll experience job independence while still receiving team support.

As a home health provider, you are trusted to work independently. You work one-on-one with patients, providing the care that they need. Many enjoy the autonomy this provides. While working independently in the field with patients, you’ll also receive the support of a team rallying behind you. At AbilisHealth, for example, a clinical manager is just a call away to answer any questions and provide the support you need. Once weekly team “conferences” bring teams together in person. Clinical team members sit down to discuss care and receive support from those practicing in the same community. (Currently, due to COVID-19, weekly conferences are being held virtually.)

5) You’ll develop meaningful relationships with patients through one-on-one care.

Many home health professionals share that their favorite part of their job is the relationships they’re able to build with patients as they work one-on-one with them in the comfort of their patients’ homes.  There’s a deep satisfaction that accompanies seeing the difference you’re able to make in a patient’s life. Whether you’re with a patient for 3 months or 3 years, you’ll experience the difference you’re making every day. 

If you’re interested in learning more about a career in home health, you can reach out to Eva Hutyra, AbilisHealth’s Talent Acquisition Partner, at Eva.Hutyra@abilishealth.com. Or if you’re ready to apply for a job today, check out our current job openings throughout Tennessee.