Team Member Engagement Survey: Part 1

At AbilisHealth, we’re striving to grow a company where people love to work: a place where team members are set up for success and look forward to coming to work every day.

Last year, we sent out our first annual team member engagement survey to measure work satisfaction and identify areas of strength and better understand areas where growth was needed.

This past February, we sent out our second annual employee engagement survey, and now we want to share the results. 

Today we’re starting a 3-part blog series detailing these results. Each week we’ll share a different aspect of the survey:

  • Today we’ll provide an overview of the survey and share an infographic with high-level results.
  • Next week we’ll detail the strengths identified by the survey.
  • In two weeks we’ll review our areas for growth and share our growth plan for the coming year.

Stay with us over the next few weeks to learn more about AbilisHealth and how we’re growing as a company.

Here we go!

2020 Team Member Engagement Survey Overview

The team member survey consisted of 21 questions: 19 multiple choice questions and 3 free-response feedback questions. 

The survey was sent to all team members across the company: home health, private duty, and corporate and sales. Team members had two weeks to complete the survey.

Our response rate was 65%, and the responses came from all locations across the state. The distribution of the respondents’ areas of work closely reflects our actual team member distribution:

  • 48% of respondents work in Private Duty care
  • 41% of respondents work in Home Health
  • 12% of respondents work in Corporate or Sales

The survey questions were similar to the 2019 survey, allowing us to measure growth from last year. Overall, the survey results were overwhelmingly positive. The results showed improvement in every area measured; there was no stagnation. 

Generally speaking, team members love working for AbilisHealth. They feel prepared to succeed, they trust leadership, and they think AbilisHealth is excellent at providing care. Specific areas for growth identified in the survey were to increase company-provided training, team member recognition, and communication.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share these results in-depth, so stay tuned. Below is an infographic to provide a preview of the results to come.

See you next week!

2020 Survey Results Infographic