Team Member Engagement Survey: Part 2

Last week we kicked off a 3-part blog series detailing our 2020 team member engagement survey results. This is part 2 of our series. Make sure to check out our overview blog before reading today’s post.

When this year’s team member engagement survey results were compiled, we were excited. It’s one thing to hear stories of people enjoying work, but it’s another thing to actually have numbers backing up these stories. 

Our 2020 survey results were overwhelmingly positive: we really do love working at AbilisHealth. 

While we’re committed to continued growth and getting better each day, today we want to stop and recognize the areas where we are succeeding. 

Next week, we’ll be wrapping this series by sharing our areas of growth for the coming year, but today, let’s get into our strengths.


Ability to Succeed

In order to build a thriving company where team members can succeed, everyone needs to be set up well. We wanted to know if our teams believe that they are set up to succeed. Here’s what we found:

  • 93% of team members said that their role and responsibilities at work are clear.
  • 90% of team members said they have the tools needed to do their jobs effectively. 

We’ll continue to improve these numbers in the year to come by providing additional training and support for team members. We’re already begun developing on-demand training videos for team members to access more tools for job success. Stay tuned for more information about these tools.



Trust is critical to our work at AbilisHealth. While patient surveys have shown that great trust already exists between patients and clinicians, we wanted to know about the trust between team members and leadership. Here’s what we found:

  • 96% of team members responded positively when asked if they trust location management
  • 96% of team members responded positively when asked if they trust senior management. 

In the coming year, we’ll be working to improve communication channels to further increase this trust in management.


Excellence of Care 

Our mission to positively impact lives and make a difference drives all that we do here at AbilisHealth. We aim to provide high-quality in-home care to every patient we have the opportunity to serve.

90% of team members said that AbilisHealth does an excellent job helping patients and their families. 

We’ll continue to increase this number in the coming year by working on our growth areas and implementing team member feedback across locations.  


Core Values

We believe that providing excellent care comes through living out our core values. 94% of team members understand and can explain our core values: serving others, winning together, daring to be different, delivering measurable excellence, and having fun.  

In the year to come, we’ll continue to hire team members who believe in our mission and exemplify our core values.


Pride in work

Finally, are you proud to work at AbilisHealth? This is a question we asked each team member. We found that 93% of team members responded positively and can say that they are indeed proud to work for this company. 

As we continue to grow, we never want to lose this pride in who we are and what we stand for as a company. We’re committed to continuing to live out our core values, serve patients well, and honor our team members every day. 

Ability to succeed, trust, excellence in care, core values, and pride in work — these are our strengths here at AbilisHealth. 

We wouldn’t be the company we are without the people who make up AbilisHealth. Thank you to our team members for building a culture that so many of us love. 

Stay tuned next week as we conclude this 3-part series by detailing our areas for growth and plans for the coming year.