Team Member Engagement Survey: Part 3

This is part 3 of a 3-part blog series detailing our 2020 team member engagement survey results. Make sure to check out part 1 and part 2 before reading today’s post.

At AbilisHealth, we strive to be a company that’s always growing. Our annual team member engagement survey encourages this growth: it highlights what is working well and which areas need improvement. 

We used the results from this year’s survey to identify three key areas that we’d like to improve in the coming year: recognition, training, and communication. 

In today’s post, the last of our three-part blog series, we’re detailing the survey results that highlighted the need for growth, and we’re sharing the actions that we’ll be taking to ensure growth this year. 

Let’s get started.

Recognition of team members

Our 2020 team member engagement survey results showed that 65% of AbilisHealth team members say that they receive recognition for their work contribution and 79% of team members share that they feel valued while working at AbilisHealth. While these numbers show that the majority of team members do feel valued and recognized, we would like to grow these numbers in the year to come.

In an effort to better recognize and celebrate employees, we’re making the following changes in 2020:

    • Creating a company-wide community page. Through Paylocity, we’ve set up a company-wide community board where anyone at AbilisHealth can publicly recognize and honor other team members for the entire company to see. Team members have already begun recognizing others on the community page.
    • Identifying employees of the month across geographic locations. Starting this year, every month a team member from each geographic location is chosen as employee of month for living out a core value. They’re honored throughout the month on the community page and social media, and they also receive an Amazon gift card for their excellent work.
    • Social media shout-outs. This year we’re recognizing employees on social media twice a month via “employees spotlights.” We’re honoring employees across locations and specialties to highlight the incredible talent at AbilisHealth.

Increased application training

One of the most common pieces of feedback we received from the 2020 survey was that team members desired more software and technology training in order to do their jobs well. Because of this feedback, we’ll be creating on-demand web-based video training for commonly used AbilisHealth software and technology. This training will include videos about platforms and technology like Brightree, I-Pad and Outlook access, and benefits. 

Whenever a team member is unsure how to use a certain application, they’ll be able to access on-demand video training. Our team has already begun developing these videos and more details will be coming next quarter.

Our goal is to ensure that all team members feel equipped and prepared to use all technology and software at work.


Understanding channels of communication 

Finally, many employees noted communication as an area for growth. However, we also received many comments that communication is a strength at AbilisHealth. Because of this conflicting feedback, we’ll be sending out a follow-up communication-specific survey to understand which channels of communication work well and which channels can be improved.

Channels of communication include employee-to-employee (patient-specific), employee-to-branch manager, branch manager-to-corporate, corporate-to-corporate, and company-wide communication. Once we identify the areas of weakness in communication, we’ll create a plan for improvement. 

We strive to foster excellent communication at all levels across AbilisHealth.


At AbilisHealth, we’re never done growing, and we’re looking forward to implementing these changes throughout 2020 to improve every team member’s experience at work. 

Thank you to all of our team members who participated in our annual survey. Here’s to another year of growth!