Work satisfaction is about more than just experience on the job; it also includes life experience while employed by a company: Do I have time off? Are my medical expenses covered? Is my family protected? Am I saving enough for  retirement? 

These are some of the questions we considered when creating AbilisHealth’s initial benefits package. We continue to ask ourselves these questions every year as we grow and develop new benefits for our team.  

Today we’re excited to share our benefits package, including a few new additions team members will see this year. 

Who receives benefits and how do they work?

AbilisHealth benefits are designed to offer flexibility and peace of mind for our team members. The comprehensive benefits package shared below is offered to all team members who work 30 or more hours each week. 

All benefits are offered “a-la-carte,” meaning that team members can choose the benefits necessary for themselves and their family members. 


All team members are eligible to participate in AbilisHealth’s 401k plan after 60 days of employment. Team members are auto-enrolled in the program with the option to opt-out. 

Time off

To make sure our staff maintains a healthy work-life balance, we offer a competitive number of days off for all full-time team members and part-time team members who qualify.

Dependent care flexible spending 

It is important to our leadership team that our team members have the support needed to care for their loved ones while at work. The dependent care flexible spending program allows our team members to contribute a portion of their salary pre-tax to dependent care services.

Company Cars

An additional benefit being offered this year is access to company cars. Select team members who travel greater distances to care for their patients will be provided company cars to avoid wear and tear on personal vehicles. 


We offer three different medical insurance options to meet the financial and healthcare needs of our team members. Our leadership team works hard to ensure our team members have the most robust and cost effective health insurance plan. 


Dental coverage is offered to team members and includes free annual preventative care coverage.


Vision insurance is offered by AbilisHealth if needed. Coverage ensures affordable vision care from the eye doctor and affordable glasses or contacts.

Life Insurance

To protect team members and their loved ones, AbilisHealth provides life insurance policies. Our goal is to ensure peace of mind for anyone working with us. In addition, team members can also purchase additional life insurance coverage for their spouse or children through our plans.


Finally, to protect our team members’ income in the event of a disability, we provide the opportunity to purchase short-term and long-term disability through our insurance plans. We’re able to offer more affordable rates than purchasing disability insurance independently.

As we continue to grow as a company, so will our benefits coverage. We’re committed to listening to our team members and adapting our benefits to best meet their needs. For any questions about benefits, please contact Rachel Campbell, AbilisHealth’s HR Manager at To learn more about opportunities at AbilisHealth, visit our Career page.